Top 10 Worthless College Majors of 2017

10. Psychology


This may be disappointing for some of you, but psychology is a field where only the people with the most prestigious psychology degrees get paid well. The vast majority of psychology majors end up making very little and usually end up switching careers, hence they do nothing with their actual degree. This worthless degree may seem interesting to study at first, but you’ll definitely be regretting it down the road when you’re having a tough time making a respectable living. About the only way people make a fortune studying psychology is if they attend one of the best colleges. Highly accredited colleges for psychology are few and far in between, though. If you plan on studying psychology, it wouldn’t be bad to consider pursuing an online college degree! You’ll save a ton of money in the end! Advance to the next page by arrowing ahead to view the other nine top worthless majors of 2017!