10 Biggest Party Schools of 2017

10. Miami University


Well, the 2017 is here and with that comes the Top 10 Party Schools ranking. Coming in at #10 is Miami University. Ranking higher in previous years, many people will be shocked that the Redhawks ranked so low this year. Miami has been known for their parties, however they are also pretty well-known for their academics. A college degree here can be worth a lot more than just an achievement of partier status. If you don’t want to pay the large tuition fees to go here, though, (about $46,000/year for an our of state student) you can try obtaining an online college degree from a college in which tuition is much cheaper. Getting an online degree is cheaper and you can still head over to Miami to party! Plus, attending an online college for the first two years will save you a ton of money as long as you graduate from a respected college in your area of choice. Arrow ahead to the next page to view the other nine biggest party schools!