Father Opens Son’s Empty Room to find a Made Bed and this Letter that Absolutely DEVASTATES Him

A lawyer and father walks past his 16 year old son’s room only to see a spotless room, made bed, and a letter with “Dad” written on it. Immediately, he pieces together that something is wrong as this is completely out of the ordinary. Scared, he picks up the letter, reads it, and instantly becomes devastated. What would you do if your child left you this exact note?


You’ve got to wonder how this son of an attorney thought of the idea to write a note like this and leave it on his bed. Perhaps this boy is one of those 16 year old geniuses who takes classes from an online college and is planning on graduating with a college degree in law by the time he’s of age. Or maybe it’s his natural smarts due to the fact that he’s the son of someone already practicing law? I know for a fact I wouldn’t have had the wit to write a letter of this nature at the age of 16, but this guy definitely did. At 16, some teens haven’t even thought about which degree to pursue let alone write a letter with this level of eloquence. Advance to the next page to view the letter he wrote.