Best Senior Pranks of 2016

9. Farm Animals at Severna Park

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Before one heads off to college, a senior prank is a must. Here are the 8 best we could find. The graduating class of Severna Park High School scattered hay throughout the hallways and proceeded to release four pigs into the halls of the school with the numbers 1, 2, 3 and 5 painted on their sides. Of course, the administration looked for two hours for the last pig that didn’t exist. On top of that, they set up a petting zoo in the commons of the school. We do know for a fact that these students needed several criminal attorneys to get themselves out of this one as these animals did quite the damage inside the school. Two things that do go hand-in-hand, though, are senior pranks and criminal court cases, so be careful when you do your senior prank so you aren’t in any legal trouble like these kids were.

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