10 Best College Towns in America

10. Hanover, New Hampshire


Hanover is home to one of the Ivy League’s most famed colleges in Dartmouth. It’s located in the small state of New Hampshire, and it is tucked away in peaceful and serene location compared to other college campuses. It’s quite small, the population is under 10,000, but that does not mean it is boring by any means. On top of the already-popular college activities we all know of, Hanover offers students the opportunity to participate in other activities such as skiing and ice hockey. What perfect way to spend your free time while obtaining one of the hardest college degrees to achieve in America. Not only are the college degrees here great, the experience is too. On top of the accredited degree, it’s only a two hour drive from Boston. If you’re interested in tough classes paired with a rewarding college degree, this university will suit you well. Arrow ahead to view the other nine best college towns in America.